Quick Progress On The Glickenhaus SCG007 Hypercar

Ben Adams
26 Jan , 2021
"We are about to begin the final build up of our two LMH's. We will use three shifts and build 24/7. We are trying to work out live streaming the entire final build. Our final 60% aero test showed we are exactly where we want to be. We will roll out mid February. We will have our final pre Homologation test March 15-16. Next Friday we will announce the rest of our drivers and a Major Sponsorship deal for The Baja 1000, The N24, The WEC, Le Mans, Paris to Dakar and all of our road legal vehicles. All is good between us and IMSA and we look forward to racing our LMH under convergence.

We also look forward to the scrapping of GTE/GTLM and the replacing of it with GT3 which we believe will happen. Our 004 GT3 will be ready. Our fully FMVSS EPA compliant road vehicle production is under way. We have a backlog that is kissing 2 years. We're expanding our factory to be able to produce 300 cars a year. We will have our two LMH's at WEC season opener. A bit going on..." - Glickenhaus

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