Superbike Legend Carl Fogarty's Favourite Riding Roads

Ben Adams
18 Mar , 2021

Superbike legend and television personality Carl Fogarty has partnered with British watch brand Forzo to launch a range of limited edition watches. The limited edition range will be launched on Kickstarter at the end of March 2021: just the first of a family of watch collections that will be released in future.

Carl Fogarty, known affectionately around the world as ‘Foggy’, is a four-time World Superbike champion and a three-time Isle of Man TT champion, who famously held the record for the fastest-ever lap around the island circuit for seven years, with the unforgettable average speed of 123mph.

Carl confesses to being more of an off-roader than a traditional road-runner, unsurprising considering it’s Foggy after all, but he does enjoy the routes around his native Yorkshire and has plans for more. We caught up with the seven-time world champion to find out more about his favourite driving roads, which surprisingly, are closer to home than some may think…

Routes around Yorkshire

“I think where I live is a really good area for riding bikes you know! We're quite lucky really. The roads over through Trotter Boland, Settle and what's it called; the Devil's Bridge, that’s it!”, Says Foggy. Yorkshire is a fantastic looking county in the north of England. Some of the routes that can be found in the area include the run from Hawes to Thwaite on Cliff Gate Road. It’s a pretty famous road that hosted the start of the Tour de France in 2014 but if you fancy a longer route, the run from Helmsley to Stokesley on the B1257 provides 19 miles of scenic landscape to accompany your ride.

Routes around the Lake District

The Lake District is arguably one of the most sought after spots in the United Kingdom, with views and landscapes that are truly breathtaking, it’s no wonder Foggy picks this area for a ride. “The Lake District is nice and the roads around the Lake are also great” says Foggy. There are several routes for prospective riders to take, including the Keswick 23 mile loop and Coniston 42 mile loop, which will keep your bikes ticking over nicely – you could even combine the two and ride from the Dales to the District!

Routes around Kendal

Kendal is a quintessential British town in the South Lakeland District of Cumbria. Situated between Windermere and Lancaster beside the river Kent, one of the most famous routes in the UK can be found here. The A684 is a wonderful route that starts west of the Stramongate Bridge in Kendal and finishes right next to the Yorkshire Moors – a 67.1 mile stretch!

The routes around the TT

“I suppose you could do, ride around the TT circuit! Trouble is when you race there and you go on for a ride down the road and there's trucks and cars coming in the way, it's not quite the same really!” admits Foggy.

The North Coast 500

“The lads now we're just talking about doing this NC500 and I'd never even heard of it; the North Coast 500, if you Google it, we start at Inverness and go right round and then you finish at Inverness so it's around Scotland. The scenery, your views and the roads just look fantastic so I guess you’re probably asking the question at the wrong time. Once I've done that run, it will probably, I'm guessing top off what I've ever done on a bike on roads because I've not done a lot of road rides, I've got to be honest; more off-road riding but there’s a trip where some of the lads were on about doing maybe America next year, year after; the Route 66 so there are a few things on the bucket list that I look forward to doing in the next couple years when we get this COVID thing out the way” says Foggy.

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