Brand Partner

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus is a creator of dreams.

"We’re inspired by passion and the desire to make dreams come true. FORZO shares our vision of how we tell our story, putting fans at the very heart of the experience. What we’ve got together is so much more than just a partnership where we drive and FORZO make watches. We’re united in our quest to share the SCG experience through distinctive timepieces with unique character and craftsmanship. Every single watch reflects the spirit of the cars we make and the races we compete in, with a nod to the past but a firm eye on the future." - Jim Glickenhaus

Their Forzo Watch

The story behind the design

Glickenhaus is simply the partner we’ve always been looking for. From our very early discussions with Jim and Jesse Glickenhaus, it was clear that we were absolutely on the same page, sharing a common vision of how we interact with people and go about our business.

The sheer enthusiasm and passion with which SCG approaches their world is a perfect match for our own outlook, as well as a shared appreciation for the rich history and heritage of motorsport. We both see what we do as a lot more than simply business: we want to tell stories and inspire people in the same way that we’ve been lucky to be inspired ourselves. SCG designs the watches in close collaboration with ourselves: with the same painstaking attention that they pay to creating their incredible vehicles.

When you purchase a watch from this special Limited Edition range, you are joining Glickhaus in their road to competing in the Hypercar class in 2021.

Every person who orders will have their name added to the racing livery as well as being added to a special private WhatsApp group ran by Jim Glickenhaus, live from the pit wall...

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