We’re inspired by speed, heritage, beauty, design and movement.
And of course we find that inspiration in so many different things,
from diverse eras of history.

Sometimes beauty can be seen in one breathtaking detail. Or in a
wider fusion of colours and emotions that miraculously combine
to perfectly capture a particular atmosphere.

Often our inspiration comes from tales of human achievement
or defeat: ground-breaking events that people still talk about now.

We’re also inspired by the juxtaposition of mechanical style and
the raw elements of nature. By the perennial battle between cars,
people and the laws of physics. The never-ending quest to shrink
time, while the clock marches inexorably onwards.
Faster, lighter, stronger.

Conveying a visceral experience accurately is almost impossible,
but sometimes you feel the sheer weight of history contained
in a single photograph. Time passes, but the protagonists
are forever immortalised in their prime, an enduring source
of fascination.

Then there are the places. Inspiration is provided by all the iconic
venues visited, from the most famous racing circuits to
undiscovered rally landscapes at the ends of the earth.

Here are just some of the designs, colours, liveries, people and
locations that have inspired us as we create FORZO watches
every day. Each image, captured in a fraction of a second,
tells a story that will last a lifetime – just like a wristwatch
that marks the passing of time with equal precision.

That’s why we feel the connection between cars and watches so
intimately, and that’s why we’ve wanted to create the FORZO collection
of racing watches for so long.

Enjoy these stunning images from our friends at McKlein, who
share our same passion and creativity when it comes to capturing
automotive moments in time.

This is what inspires us all…