Ostend Racing Handmade Leather Watch Strap

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This strap will fit to both our Drive King and EnduraTimer models!

From our strap partner, WatchGecko:

The Ostend Racing watch strap is handmade from calf leather sourced strictly from the south of France and produced at the famous Tannery Dagermann. This incredibly supple leather has undergone chrome tanning, followed by vegetable tanning before finally receiving generous coatings of mineral, animal and vegetable oils. The end result is a luxuriously soft strap that immediately takes to the wrist without needing to be broken in.

Each Ostend Racing leather watch strap is a unique and timeless piece that has been meticulously crafted by hand at a family-run workshop in Oostende, Belgium. Their experienced craftsmen dedicate a great deal of time to creating each watch strap, never compromising on quality and always striving to offer the best possible leathers.

The strap takes on an iconic rally-racing design, with a handstitched edge which has been expertly executed using contrasting thread and hand-painted with a colour stain to match the leather. This watch strap is available in 18mm and 20mm lug widths, tapering by 2mm at the tongue and features a robust stainless-steel buckle with a high polished finish.

Why This Strap

  • Produced using only the finest calf leather produced at the famous Tannery Dagermann.
  • An iconic rally racing strap design in a 20mm lug width.
  • A durable and long-lasting strap, handmade in Belgium by experienced and passionate craftsmen.

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