FORZO Racing Stripe NATO Watch Strap - Black / Red
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FORZO Racing Stripe NATO Watch Strap - Black / Red

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Product information

Our racing stripe NATO is made from nylon has a subtle shine and is very supple, which makes it exceptionally comfortable on the wrist. However, the material also has a very tight weave, so it is also incredibly strong and durable.

The hardware is polished stainless steel, with a solid buckle that's strong enough to stand up to wear and tear. 

Key Features

- Keeps your watch surely on your wrist in the event of a spring bar failure.
- Comfortable, durable, and water resistant 

About The NATO Watch Strap

The NATO was created to stand up to the rigours of active military service, and as it’s made from durable nylon it can keep your watch secure in some of the harshest environments in the world. The NATO watch strap was first created in 1973 for the British Ministry of Defence. The key reason for its creation was the security it offers. Thanks to its one-piece construction, the NATO strap will ensure your watch doesn’t fall off your wrist if a spring bar fails.

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